A one-off set of tests to measure your website's performance and stability under load.
  • Standard load tests
  • Basic optimization recommendations
  • Test summary report


A short-duration exercise to find problems, tune the system, and confirm defects have been fixed successfully.
  • Advanced load tests
  • Unlimited re-tests while tuning
  • Access to self-service Portal


A long-term service to safeguard the performance of a system over its development and operational lifespan.
  • Continuous Integration API
  • Ongoing script maintenance
  • Access to self-service Portal

Why is web performance important to you?

IT Project Manager/
Digital Producer

A project manager cares about delivering a successful project, on time and on-budget. One of the small (but important) checkboxes for any new web project is load and performance testing.

Questions that a project manager definitely wants to address in their project plan are:

  • Is the new system fit for purpose, including performance?
  • Did the external vendor deliver what they were supposed to?
  • Will the website fail on go-live day?
  • Can I show a credible performance report to my stakeholders?
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Tech Lead/
IT Architect

A technical lead cares about building a working system that meets business requirements.
Code, architecture, infrastructure sizing and system configuration can all affect performance under load.

Questions that a tech lead might worry about are:

  • Are response times acceptable under peak load?
  • Is the system scalable?
  • How should we tune the system?
  • Will a small technical change break performance under load?
  • Can we include load and performance in the continuous integration test suite?
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Business Owner/
Marketing Manager

A business owner cares about the bottom line. Investing capital wisely to maximise return on investment, while still safeguarding their business reputation – something that money can’t buy.

Questions that might keep a business owner up at night are:

  • Will the website fail during the next flash sale or other high traffic event?
  • Would sales funnel conversion rates improve with faster response times?
  • Will a website failure damage the company’s reputation or end up in the news?
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The <em>On-Demand</em> advantage

The On-Demand advantage

My name is Stuart Moncrieff and I have been helping companies avoid web performance disasters since 2002. A few years ago, I realised that there was a gap in the market between load testing tool companies that just want to sell you a product and leave you to sink or swim on your own, and professional services companies that want to make you dependent on them forever.

I wanted to offer better value to customers by introducing a self-service capability, while still providing the guidance that is expected from a specialist consulting service. I knew I could achieve better outcomes for smart customers who were willing to try a new way of doing things.

MyLoadTest On-Demand is the best option for digital companies that want to safeguard their website performance, but don’t have the scale to employ a full-time web performance expert with a decades’ worth of experience.