Every SAP project needs to safeguard application performance, whether it is an upgrade, a greenfield implementation, or a cloud migration. No project manager wants to be responsible for a frustratingly slow new system that users hate, or for having the whole system grind to a halt on heavy-usage days. The SAP team at MyLoadTest On-Demand finds performance problems before they affect the business, and helps to ensure your project’s go-live day is a success.


Victor Kouznetsov

Victor Kouznetsov

When you engage MyLoadTest On-Demand’s SAP service, I will be your first point of contact. I can help you decide whether the On-Demand delivery model is a good fit for your project, and work with you to define performance testing scope and cost. You can contact me using the form below, or you can email me directly at victor@myloadtest.com.

SAP projects require a little more support than a typical website load testing engagement; from test planning, to working with your technical teams on defect fixes, to providing a Test Summary Report for key stakeholders, we stay focussed on your project’s unique needs and work to accommodate your project’s schedule.

I believe in the importance of focus. I have worked exclusively on SAP projects for the last 15 years and have helped companies across Europe and the APAC region have successful go-live events. I have seen the same performance problems again and again, across many SAP products. Companies that use our SAP performance testing service benefit from the knowledge and custom tooling we have developed on numerous past projects.


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