Stuart MoncrieffLoad-related website failures happen every day. A small percentage of them make the news, a bigger percentage impact the company’s revenue or business reputation, and 100% of them are preventable. Sure, efficient code is important, configuration settings are important, hardware capacity is important, but modern applications are complicated, and there is no way of knowing your team got all of these things right without testing the whole system under load.

My name is Stuart Moncrieff, and I have found load or performance-related problems on every project I have tested. Over my career, I have led large consulting teams, been performance architect for billion-dollar projects, and have spoken at conferences around the world. For the last few years, I have been building MyLoadTest On-Demand to help more businesses avoid disasters with their mission-critical web applications.

I saw that there was a middle-ground between software companies that wanted to sell their customers a tool and leave them to figure out everything else for themselves, and consulting companies whose business is selling billable days and who want to make their customers dependent on them forever.

There were four principles that were important to me:

It is not possible to build a service that is a perfect fit for everyone. The sweet spot for MyLoadTest On-Demand is public-facing web applications, and companies that have a need for expert load & performance testing, but are too small to have a full-time specialist. Please contact me if you think MyLoadTest On-Demand could help your project.