bug fix bingo.jpg There is someone who is talented at marketing working for Gold Coast software testing firm K. J. Ross & Associates. They partnered with Software Engineering Australia to create the Certified Software Test Professional course, ensuring themselves some valuable mindshare and a guiding hand in the careers of future Australian software testers.

Another inspired, although not quite as influential, piece of work is Bug Fix Bingo. It’s one of those “I wish I’d though of that” ideas which strikes a chord with every software tester. Visit the site and I guarantee you will want to print it out and pin it to your cubicle.

Bug Fix Bingo is a fun new testing game created by K. J. Ross & Associates. The game is based on the traditional bingo game yet with a software testing twist. Instead of using numbers, participants in Bug Fix Bingo use statements from developers in defect review meetings to mark off squares. Statements such as “It works on my machine” and “Its never done that before”.

Incidentally, developers have a game like this too. They score points every time a QA person tries to raise a defect on functionality that is working as specified.

Update: Software Engineering Australia (SEA) folded in March 2005 after they found that they were not a viable organisation once their government grant ran out. Staff were absorbed by Object Consulting, who now offer CSTP training.


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  1. S.Tress June 25, 2004 at 4:04 pm

    Dear webmaster,

    thanks for introducing me to Bug Fix Bingo. I love it!! I’ve nearly called “Bingo” twice this week already!

  2. Todd Pasley May 17, 2004 at 4:08 pm

    I work for KJRA, developers love to hate BFB 😉 Its a great ice breaker. There can be a lot of pollitics between developers and testers…. especially when the testers are from a different company. Developers can react in a wide range of ways to the discovery of a defect in a code, and many of those are negative (particularily with the more code-proud coders).

    BFB is in your face to an extent, but really helps forge a healthy, friendly relationship with clients(developers).


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