Today was officially my last day at JDS Australia. I worked at JDS from November 2nd, 2005 to August 22nd, 2014 (8 years, 10 months). I was employee number 6, and was the first performance tester to be hired. Over the years the company grew to over 60 people in 4 states, and it was great to be involved in helping the business grow.

I am looking forward to seeing continued growth, and watching the business continue to help customers.


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  1. Stuart Moncrieff August 23, 2014 at 10:37 am

    Just in case anyone else if feeling nostalgic about JDS, I am collecting as list of past employees and significant events. Please leave a comment if you have anything to add.

  2. Stuart Moncrieff November 4, 2014 at 4:57 pm

    Let’s celebrate all the great people who worked for JDS. Here they are in the order in which they started (as best I can remember).

    Name Start Date End Date Employee Type State
    John Bearsley 2003-11-xx Present Founder VIC
    Dameon Williamson 2003-11-xx 2006-xx-xx Founder VIC
    Sandro Albertin 2003-11-xx 2006-xx-xx Founder VIC
    Vi-Lam Truong 2004-02-xx 2010-03-xx Permanent VIC
    Laszlo Simity 2005-06-xx 2011-06-xx Permanent VIC
    Eanna O’Duill 2004-08-xx 2011-07-xx Permanent VIC
    Trevor Murray 2005-xx-xx
    Permanent VIC
    Leo Dalton 2004-09-xx 2005-12-xx Subcontractor VIC
    Stuart Moncrieff 2005-11-02 2014-08-22 Permanent VIC
    Chris Hickey 2005-11-21 Present Permanent VIC
    John Natsiolas 2006-02-xx 2007-03-xx Permanent VIC
    Samuel Abdelsayed 2008-11-xx Present Permanent VIC
    Edgar Franco 2012-04-xx Present Permanent VIC
    Bruce Allen 2012-09-xx Present Permanent VIC
    Celia Barbosa 2007-02-xx Present Permanent VIC
    Daniel Barkho 2013-03-xx Present Permanent VIC
    Yauseng Chew 2007-06-xx Present Permanent VIC
    Liah Clark 2009-08-xx Present Permanent VIC
    Gaspare D’Urso TODO TODO Permanent VIC
    Michael Eastland 2012-10-xx Present Permanent QLD/SA
    Ray Ffrench TODO TODO Permanent VIC
    Virgina Fielding 2009-04-xx Present Permanent VIC
    Daniel La 2007-12-xx Present Permanent VIC
    Michael Lee 2008-06-xx Present Permanent VIC
    Lionel Lim 2011-02-xx Present Permanent VIC
    Sam Lindsay 2011-11-xx Present Permanent VIC
    Ian Ma 2014-03-xx Present Permanent VIC
    Benjamin Munn 2012-07-xx Present Permanent VIC
    Danesen Narayanen 2010-11-xx Present Permanent VIC
    Simon Pilcher 2012-01-xx 2014-11-xx Permanent VIC
    Adam Reincke 2010-10-xx Present Permanent VIC
    Paul Santiago 2011-03-xx Present Permanent VIC
    Warren Saunders TODO TODO Permanent VIC
    Ryan Schultz TODO TODO Permanent VIC
    Daniel Spavin 2010-04-xx Present Permanent VIC
    Arlen Velagic TODO TODO Permanent VIC
    Felix Wawolangi TODO TODO Permanent VIC
    Nick Wilton TODO TODO Permanent VIC
    Wei Yau 2012-01-xx Present Permanent VIC
    David Batty TODO TODO Permanent VIC
    Matt Coyle TODO TODO Permanent QLD
    Melissa Mifsud TODO TODO Contractor QLD
    Reinhardt Moller TODO TODO Permanent QLD
    Luke Sorensen TODO TODO Permanent QLD
    Daniel Tam TODO TODO Permanent QLD
    Chris Younger TODO TODO Permanent QLD
    Ryan Castles TODO TODO Permanent NSW
    Mohit Dewan TODO TODO Permanent NSW
    Hamish Goodwin TODO TODO Permanent NSW
    Brian Grant TODO TODO Permanent NSW
    Ward Gushee TODO TODO Permanent NSW
    Joseph Hung TODO TODO Permanent NSW
    Huan Nguyen TODO TODO Permanent NSW
    Jimmy Pedersen TODO TODO Permanent NSW
    Daniel Smith TODO TODO Permanent NSW
    Yong Tie TODO TODO Permanent NSW
    Simon Caruana TODO TODO Permanent VIC
    Peter Cawdron TODO TODO Permanent QLD
    Simon Hoare TODO TODO Permanent NSW
    Glenn Jacobi 2010-07-05 2014-09-26 Permanent VIC
    Josie Janssen TODO TODO Permanent VIC
    Nick Johnson TODO TODO Permanent VIC
    Chantelle Klasema TODO TODO Permanent VIC
    Dave Melgaard TODO TODO Permanent VIC
    Luke Noble TODO TODO Permanent VIC
    Steve Smith TODO TODO Permanent VIC
    David Steed TODO TODO Permanent VIC
    Craig Stevenson TODO TODO Permanent VIC
    Brett Stirrat 2011-02-07 Present Permanent VIC
    Michael Sugianto TODO TODO Permanent VIC
    Matt Collins TODO TODO Contractor VIC
    Yvonne Pepela 2012-08-xx 2013-05-xx Permanent VIC
    Mark Bertone 2012-08-xx 2013-01-xx Permanent VIC
    Lee Wardle 2008-08-04 2009-06-26 Permanent NSW
    Michael Clayfield 2014-08-04 Present Permanent NSW
    Kelly Cooke (nee Winford) 2006-05-xx TODO Permanent VIC
    Sharon McNamara 2012-09-03 2013-11-29 Permanent VIC
    TODO TODO TODO Permanent VIC
    TODO TODO TODO Permanent VIC

    Chris Gung
    Prue Sweeney (?)
    Mario Terzigni –
    Luke Noble –
    Daniel Smith
    Tze Tze Lor –
    Alon Golombeck (?)
    Alistair Johnson
    Ben Bourke
    Chris Jones
    Chris Payne
    Craig Stevenson
    Donna Thompson
    Eanna O’Duill
    Greg Farelly
    Greg Kelly
    James Coffey
    Jason Cheong
    John Castano
    Jonathan Grant
    Kyle Sweeney

    Linden Darling
    Mark Bensemann
    Michael Di Camillo
    Michael Pogrebisky
    Michael te Wierik
    Mike Legg
    Neale Walsh
    Paul Richards
    Rachel Shaw
    Rod Molina
    Scott Harford
    Steve Atwill
    Terrence Jarrad
    Tomer Eckhous
    Robert Becker – August 2014 – Present (6 months)
    Virginia Fielding (nee Hadrian)
    Goncalo Oliveira
    Gary Inglett
    Jim Tsetsos
    Elio Rillo (SA)
    Chris Barbour (NSW) September 2014 – Present (5 months)
    Michael Carney

    Note: where I haven’t got the exact start/end dates, I have used the first Monday/last Friday of the month.

  3. Stuart Moncrieff November 4, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    TODO: JavaScript timeline of significant events.

    • 2003-11-25: JDS Australia (ABN: 88 471 933 631) is registered.
    • Office moves to ? (serviced office)
    • Office moves to Level 6, 330 Collins Street.
    • Head office moved to Level 8, 2 Russell Street.
    • 2013-11-24: JDS celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary
    • Dinners, partnerships, HP awards, conferences (link). JDS website. JDS LinkedIn page. JDS Facebook page.
  4. Laszlo March 20, 2015 at 11:57 pm

    Seeing this rather late (and embarrassingly by googling myself), but great memories! I especially recall the various offsites and shenanigans that usually resulted :).

  5. Vi-Lam Truong January 28, 2016 at 7:40 am

    Just got sent this link…

    O the memories…

    Looking at the list, chicky is the longest serving employee…

    Happy to see that quite a number of people hired by You, Laci and I are still kicking.

    I believe we were first in Level 40, 140 Williams St, then moved to another serviced office (where Paul McLean had his serviced office) before moving to Collins St.

  6. Vi-Lam Truong January 28, 2016 at 7:57 am

    Forgot to add, JDS was first JDS Solutions.

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