I am pleased to let you know that I will be speaking at SoftEd Fusion 2012 in Sydney this September. Fusion is a new conference organised by Software Education, which combines their STANZ testing conference and their Software Development Conference (SDC).

Fusion will run over 2 days, with sessions on Agile methodologies, Enterprise Architecture, Cloud testing, business analysis, test automation, performance testing, and project management. There should be some great learning (and networking) opportunities, so this will be one of the best ways you could spend your training budget this year if your job involves creating software at large companies.

SoftEd Fusion 2012 logo

Here is my presentation abstract and bio:

Performance Testing in a Mobile World

Thursday 13 September, 11:35-12:20.

With the exploding popularity of mobile devices, mobile application performance has become increasingly critical to the modern Enterprise. Customers expect your applications to be always on, and always responsive. With end-users conditioned to expect instant gratification, bounce-rates increase dramatically as response times increase.

Suddenly the network is important again, and developers must now unlearn the bad habits acquired in the years when almost everyone had high-bandwidth broadband Internet connections. Client and server-side performance issues are still critical, but some new, mobile-specific problems have been added to the list of commonly found performance defects.

This session will discuss some of the performance pitfalls common to tablets, iPhones and Android devices, and outline the tools available to allow you to effectively test your company’s mobile-based applications.

SoftEd Fusion 2012 speaker - Stuart MoncrieffWith over a decade spent as a performance test specialist, Stuart is a regular speaker at testing conferences around the world and enjoys sharing his performance testing knowledge on his blog (https://www.myloadtest.com/) with an average monthly audience of over 10,000 readers.

Stuart has been involved in mobile performance testing of applications ranging from hand-held devices for transport & logistics, to mobile-optimised web 2.0 websites. He is the performance testing practice lead at JDS Australia, and helps some of Australia’s largest companies to find and fix their application performance bottlenecks.

Stuart dreams of a world where he can use his iPhone for everything, and bandwidth is too cheap to meter.

SoftEd Fusion 2012 speakers

I will also be leading a “birds of a feather” session for performance testers on the Friday morning, where we can have a more discussion oriented session around issues that the attendees are seeing in their workplaces.

Update: Fusion is over. It was great. My slides are available here.


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  1. Stuart Moncrieff July 2, 2012 at 8:53 pm

    Here is the session timetable; there looks to be quite a few interesting sessions. I am really looking forward to catching up with some of the speakers that I know (and meeting the ones I don’t).

  2. Australian Testing Conferences July 5, 2012 at 10:33 am

    The other testing-related events that occur regularly in Australia/New Zealand are:

    • ANZTB 2012
      • What: Advancing Expertise in Software Testing conference
      • Where: Wellington, New Zealand
      • When: 7 March 2012
      • Website: http://anztb.org/
      • Notes: This conference rotates between the major cities in Australia and New Zealand. The Australian and New Zealand Testing Board (ANZTB) manages the ISTQB certifications in the region.
    • STANZ
      • What: 11th anual conference for Software Testers in Australia and New Zealand
      • Where: Chrischurch & Auckland, New Zealand
      • When: 10th September, 2012 (Christchurch), and 11th September, 2012 (Auckland)
      • Website: http://www.softed.com/stanz/
      • Notes: Run by SoftEd. STANZ has been combined with SDC to run as “Fusion” in Australia
    • Fusion 2012
      • What: Conference focussing on Business Analysis, Agile, Software Testing, and Management
      • Where: Sydney
      • When: 13 -14 September, 2012
      • Website: http://www.softed.com.au/fusion/
      • Notes: Fusion is run by SoftEd
    • Iqnite
      • What: Conference for Software Quality Management and Testing
      • Where: Sydney, Australia
      • When: 5 – 6 November, 2012
      • Website: http://www.iqnite-conferences.com/AU/
      • Notes: Iqnite is organised by K.J. Ross & Associates, a consultancy company specialising in software testing, test management, and training.
    • CITCON Austrlia/New Zealand 2012
      • What: Continuous Integration & Testing Conference
      • Where: TBA
      • When: December 2012
      • Website: http://www.citconf.com/
      • Notes: This event is free, and is run as an “un-conference”, with no predetermined speakers or agenda.
    • SIGIST
      • What: Special Interest Group in Software Testing. Free quarterly meetings/presentations.
      • Where: Some Australian cities (check calendar)
      • When: (check calendar)
      • Website: http://www.anztb.org/calendar.php
      • Notes: Best to just sign up for the mailing list, so you are notified when the next event is on. Melbourne events have been getting 70-100 people, and are generally fully booked on the day they are announced.

    Not that this list doesn’t include the computer security conferences.
    * Ruxcon
    * Rumours of a Ruxcon monthly meetup (computer security talks) http://www.ruxcon.org.au/

    Non-testing conferences in Australia
    * WebDU: The antipodean web developer conference http://www.webdu.com.au/
    * ACS sometimes hosts testing user group meetings (free to non-members)

    Also, here are some international testing conferences:
    * CITCON
    * HP Discover (EMEA + Americas)
    * STPCon
    * StarEast
    * StarWest

    • Bruce July 13, 2012 at 10:14 am

      Thanks for sharing your summary of ANZ testing conferences. I suggest this comment could make a good blog entry of its own!
      Its great to find someone who is passionate about software testing, in Australia AND willing to share their experience publicly – I guess there is a lesson in this for all us reading. Keep the good work.

    • Nick September 3, 2012 at 11:18 am

      Have you heard of “Velocity Conference”? It’s a web performance conference held annually in Europe, USA and Asia. Looks interesting. It might be worth looking into.


      Here is a very interesting video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coNDCIMH8bk from this very conference. There seems to be quite a few on the same YouTube channel.

    • Testing Conferences September 4, 2012 at 4:51 pm

      Webdirections South: October 18+19 (not a testing conference, but content looks interesting)

  3. Kim July 16, 2012 at 11:54 am

    Thanks for writing the post Stuart, just over 8 weeks to go now and we’re really looking forward to the first ever Fusion conference: http://www.softed.com/fusion/

    Kim – marketing and communications at Software Education

  4. Testing Conferences August 22, 2012 at 10:33 am

    Here are some more testing conferences…

    STPCon (testing)
    New Orleans on March 26 – 29
    JB might be sending Brian to this one.
    Star East (testing)
    Orlando, Florida on April 15 – 20
    ANZTB Test 2012 (testing)
    Wellington on March 7
    HP Discover 2012 (testing + monitoring)
    Las Vegas on June 4 – 7
    Would suggest we wait until after the Call for Papers cutoff before we commit to sending anyone to this one.
    HP Discover Europe 2012 (testing + monitoring)
    Assume this will happen in Vienna again in November 2012 (no dates published yet).
    SoftEd Fusion 2012 (testing)
    Sydney on September 13 – 14
    STANZ 2012 (testing)
    Christchurch on September 10,
    Auckland on September 11
    This will have mostly the same speakers as Fusion
    Ruxcon 2012 (security)
    Melbourne, November (2 days on a weekend)
    OWASP AppSec 2012
    Sydney, Wednesday 11th and 12th of April 2012 (Training Days) – Friday 13th and Saturday 14th of April 2012 (Conference Days)
    Nick Wilton found this really good in the past.
    Consider Alistair + Huan/Joseph
    AusCert2012 (security)
    Gold Coast, 14th-18th May

  5. Testing Conferences August 22, 2012 at 10:36 am

    WOPR18 (performance testing)
    Denver CO, May 9 – 12
    Invitation only

  6. Stuart Moncrieff September 22, 2012 at 11:46 am

    One of the best sessions from the conference was Adrian Smith’s presentation on the 7 Deadly Sins of Software Test Automation. Definitely worth a read if you are involved in test automation.

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