Load testing SAP

Creating a plan for load and performance testing SAP involves a lot of decisions. While most projects follow a similar process, every project has unique needs, and it can be difficult to balance the pros and cons of each choice. This post outlines some of the key questions to be answered when load testing SAP. […]

February 8, 2020|

Why you need a specialist SAP performance tester

SAP is an exclusive club. People who work on SAP projects tend to just work on SAP projects. If a business wants to implement SAP, they talk to the handful of companies that have deep experience with SAP rather than seeking quotes from the wider market of generalist software development shops. Similarly, if a business needs to load test their new SAP system, they should hire a performance tester with SAP-specific load testing experience rather than engaging a generalist performance tester who will treat it the same as any other load testing project. […]

February 1, 2020|

Working with SAP VTO

End-user experience is important for any IT system. Every SAP project spends some of its budget on activities to ensure that response times are snappy and the system doesn’t slow to a crawl on heavy-usage days. Projects often engage SAP’s Volume Test Optimization (VTO) service to help improve system performance under load. The VTO team works with the project’s performance tester during this exercise. As this service is quite expensive, it is in everyone’s best interests to work together effectively to get the best value from this activity. […]

January 25, 2020|

Performance Testing SAP Fiori

Fiori is SAPs current-generation platform with a rich web-based user interface that is suitable for both desktop and mobile users. There are thousands of pre-built apps, and custom Fiori applications can be built using SAP’s UI5 framework. Fiori was first announced in mid-2013, but many SAP customers are deploying it for the first time in 2020. Load and performance testing helps SAP projects ensure that their new system can support their business-critical processes without being frustratingly slow, or grinding to a halt under heavy load. […]

January 18, 2020|

SAP Performance Test Cases

Every SAP system is business-critical when it runs a company’s core business processes. Slow response times are frustrating, but the risk with load-related problems is that a system that is functionally perfect can unexpectedly grind to a halt on heavy-usage days. While every SAP system has its own volume, throughput, and performance-related requirements, there are common types of load and performance tests that should be run to minimise this risk for most projects. […]

January 11, 2020|

LoadRunner licensing for SAP

Every SAP project needs to do load and performance testing and, for the last 20 years, the standard load testing tool for SAP has been LoadRunner. There are several LoadRunner licensing options – each with their own pros and cons, but there is one stand-out option that is the best choice for most projects. […]

January 4, 2020|

Question: SAPGUI script fails on second iteration

Subject: Help wanted in SAP with LR.. Hey Stuart, I Guess u have got good experience in LR with SAP... I got into a problem in my work place.. hope u can figure it out.. pelase let me know if u have a solution for his.. I created a Script for R/3, ( Order to Cash ) which will have 10 materials in a single transaction.. When i run the script with 1 Iteration, it is successfull. But when i run it with 2 Iterations,, its bouncing from the program.. This happens even in Controller... So please let me know [...]

December 28, 2007|

SAP Cheat Sheet for Performance Testers

Performance testers must switch between different technology platforms almost every time they join a new project. Here are a few things you should know so you don't look like a complete n00b on your first SAP project. Transactions and Sessions Unless a restriction has been put in place, users may create multiple sessions from a single workstation. Using the menu, this can be done through System > Create Session or by left-clicking on the top right of the SAP client window and selecting the Create Session option. This menu is also the only place a transaction may be stopped if [...]

October 1, 2006|

Mercury Diagnostics for SAP

These are the long-awaited slides from my Mercury World Australia presentation. If you are currently performance testing an SAP implementation with LoadRunner or Performance Center, it is worthwhile evaluating Mercury’s diagnostic tools. […]

May 15, 2006|

Mercury World Australia Presentation

I will be presenting at Mercury World Australia this year. If you are interested in hearing about my experiences using Mercury's diagnostic tools for SAP (both R/3 and NetWeaver), please come and see my presentation at 9am on the 12th of May. I will probably post the PowerPoint slides some time after the presentation. Update: slides are here.

April 16, 2006|
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